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Healthcare Goes Mobile... and the FDA is Supportive

Last week the FDA approved an iPhone/iPad mobile app that allows physicians to review radiologic images with an appropriate quality for safe diagnosis on their mobile devices. This app allows for secure transmission of CT, MRI, PET, nuclear medicine, and PET images on the go; while adding measurement lines, annotations and highlight areas of interest. Mobile apps are the direction of the future, with manufacturers like Samsung projecting 60 million smartphone sales in 2011 and some top analysts projecting as many as 1 billion smartphone users worldwide by 2013. Let’s face it, the single most used tool in many people’s lives is their smartphone; I know I sleep with mine! The simplified user interfaces and pre-integrated hardware such as high resolution cameras, two-way video camera lens’, speakers, GPS, microphone, and Bluetooth it’s a dream come true for developers with an open mind and a little creativity. Now apply these tools to the medical, health and wellness world and don’t forg