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Equine Wellness Programs: A Smart Approach for Horse Health & Owner Engagement

Equine wellness programs provide a comprehensive approach to horse health that focuses on proactive management of disease and injury. These typically include regular veterinary exams, vaccinations, and dental care, which helps improve horse health, longevity, and performance.   The Benefits of Equine Wellness Programs   There are many benefits to enrolling your horse in an equine wellness program that include: Prevent disease and injury. Regular veterinary exams can help identify and treat health problems early. Vaccinations can help protect horses from infectious diseases while dental care helps prevent tooth decay and other dental problems. Improve horse health and longevity. Horses that receive regular preventive care are generally healthier and live longer than horses that do not. Increase horse performance. Horses that are healthy and well-cared-for are better able to perform at their best. Foster stronger client-veterinarian relationships. Equine wellness programs provide an oppo