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What’s the mHealth Biz Model?

mHealth or mobile health is the future of healthcare delivery; bringing the technology to a simplified platform that is accessible from anywhere, is integrated with core devices that we all carry (our mobile phones), and connects into larger systems like InteractiveMD, Google Health, and certified EHR systems. But what is the business model that will support mhealth application development and proliferation? New consumer devices and expanded sales of devices such as the iPad 2, Android and iOS based smart phones has paved the way for meaningful apps and associated specialized hardware devices to make sense. Wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE supply the necessary infrastructure. Additionally, the overwhelming and rising cost of our national healthcare system coupled with an, ‘I want it now’ consumer attitude, will support the economics required to drive mhealth technology. According to a report on, “there will be 1.4 billion