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Study: Telemedicine cuts down on patient travel time

Study: Telemedicine cuts down on patient travel time As more extensive telemedicine studies are conducted, and larger patient populations are enrolled, an opportunity to study cost savings. In a study published in BMC Health Services Research, a direct correlation between telehealth interactions and cost savings specifically related to travel expenses was identified. It it clear that remote healthcare interactions translates to cost savings in so many different categories; to see a definitive study publish findings over a large enough sample size of 5,199 patients is refreshing. I look forward to reading about additional cost savings studies and possibly author one. We've observed dramatic cost savings on other factors, including the medical loss ratio ("MLR") of large groups who's members actively utilize the InteractiveMD telehealth services. The MLR is the difference between health insurance premiums collected and claims dollars paid out against those premiums.

The Value of a Repeatable Process

  Anything can be done once, twice, or three times, but that doesn't mean it's repeatable; an essential concept in any business. What do this word mean and why is it a core concept? OK, now apply it to marketing. Repeatable: the ability to perform an action or produce an outcome virtually an infinite number of times without the predictable loss of quantity or quality. Business processes must be repeatable or the operations will have variation. Variation is good if you are an artist trying to produce unique masterpieces, variation is bad if you are trying to control costs and maximize ROI. Imagine if every time your accounting department balanced the company accounts differently, or your marketing team changed the logo slightly every time they created an add, or every time you bought eggs you got a different quantity. Repeatability is a measure of variation from cycle to cycle over a defined time frame and is controlled with procedures, training, in some cases equ